Sandak Sandals Women's Jelly Flip Flops
Sandak Sandals Women's Jelly Flip Flops
Sandak Sandals - Clear Jellies With Sparkle Flip FlopsSandak Sandals - Black or White  Flip Flops
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Sandak Sandals Women's Jellie Flip Flops.
  • Man-made flexible, durable material that never wears out and gives with each step.
  • Just toss these flip flops into the washing machine.
  • These are the most comfortable flip flops, lightweight and perfect for vacation.
  • Great for walking and waterproof. Wear them into the water at the beach, pool, spa, campground shower, even the gym shower. No worries about a sudden storm ruining your shoes. Your Sandak Sandals will come through the storm just fine, and will come out looking like new again and again.
  • Vintage style translucent colors with sparkles in them.
  • Made in Mexico. 
Colors: With sparkles: Turquoise Blue, Purple, Yellow, Green, Pink, Charcoal, and Clear. Also: Solid Black, Solid White
Womens sizes US 5-10
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